Why do my body parts fall asleep before i do

The story of my life.

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Arrgghhh! THIS. I want Rose Byrne’s hair right now. 👍 #ellecanada


The books are my family, now.


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A working theory of love, in a book spine poem.

I miss this. Soon. #books #reading


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Never ignore what your heart pumps for. 👊 #fight #truehappiness #dreams


Welcome to Book Spine Poetry, the art of creating poems from book titles. Nina Katchadourian, arguably the most skilled person in this genre, is also one of the longest ongoing book spine/title poets—her project, Sorted Books, arranging books by their titles to create new phrases, began in 1993.

Book Spine Poetry: Nina Katchadourian Makes Art With Book Titles

The kind of silly I need on a Saturday. For the kiddos and the kiddos at heart. 😊 #neilgaiman #fortunatelythemilk

I enjoyed watching “Frozen” last night, but then, I realized, I never really knew the true story of the Snow Queen. So for tonight, this is my bedtime story. Sweet dreams!


! http://tinyurl.com/mw8uhh6

Spare yourself from the swear jar with a little bit of class. Hahahaha!

I just finished watching the series finale of Damages and I must say, these two lovely women were incredible.

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Go on and write your own happy ending.